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The Value Them Both (it doesn’t) Amendment

Guest post by Rhonda McCormack

Kansas mapDid you know Kansas has been a safe place for Kansans and regional girls, women, and pregnant persons to receive the reproductive health care they need? And now that safe place is under threat. This is why I’m asking every Kansan to VOTE NO on the Value Them Both amendment in Kansas’s August 2nd primary!

I know a good deal of smart and wonderful girls, women, and persons who have or once had a uterus and many of them live in Kansas. Because I love and care about these people, I want them to achieve their highest good. That means I care if their bodies, bodily autonomy, and rights are disrespected, threatened, or eliminated. And when it comes to family planning, including birth control, and health care associated to pregnancy, including abortion, the once-or-current Uterus Owners I know in Kansas are more than capable of managing their bodies, minds, and spirits without interference from anyone.

VOTING NO on the Value Them Both (it doesn’t) amendment is the only way to uphold pro-rights positions that are under attack. This is not hyperbole. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) just struck down Roe V Wade, ending 49+ years of legal abortion, and many states had trigger laws that, once the SCOTUS decision was handed down, put outright banning and zero-bodily-rights on the table. We’ve crossed into dangerous territory, where bans mean miscarriages can be criminalized and zero-bodily-rights mean pregnant persons (including children) can be forced to stay pregnant. It feels absurd to write it. But it’s both absurd and scary. As part of a bigger movement away from progress and democracy, the anti-bodily rights group already has power.

The good news is pro-rights voters in Kansas could be the tipping point to keep Kansas a pro-rights state. And this is an all hands on deck moment. There is no second chance. We must get all our KS pals to vote. And we must, wherever we are, be proud to stand up for bodily rights. Uterus Owners (and allies) Unite!

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Helpful Links & Information:

  • Register to Vote, Check Your Registration, Apply to Vote-by-Mail, Find Polling Location: KSVotes.org
  • The “Value Them Both” amendment is also called “Kansas No State Constitutional Right To Abortion & Legislative Power To Regulate Abortion” amendment.
  • Ballot Info on This Amendment: https://ballotpedia.org/Kansas_No_State_Constitutional_Right_to_Abortion_and_Legislative_Power_to_Regulate_Abortion_Amendment_(August_2022)
  • Planned Parenthood’s Planning Pages: https://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org
  • Voter Registration deadline is July 12. Vote-by-Mail ballots go out to voters on July 13.
  • In-Person Early Voting begins Saturday July 16 and ends on August 1. Polls are open 10am – 7pm, but always double-check this.
  • In-person Voting Day is August 2, 7am – 7pm. Mail-in ballots are also due back on August 2.
  • All 125 Kansas House of Representative seats are up for re-election in the 2022 Midterm. Get to know the State House Reps and Candidates (often called Down Ballot Candidates) you can trust to uphold bodily rights.

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