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I’m voting for Hillary Clinton for president because she is the most experienced, capable, tested, tough, and empathetic candidate.

I believe she has the ability to manage foreign affairs, business concerns, justice issues, social welfare, and lasting domestic progress. Plus, she surrounds herself with other deeply capable people that together will provide her with thoughtful options for every major decision. She is both a leader and a listener, and I fully expect her decisions for our country will be well considered.

Jack Gantos, Recipient of the 2012 Newbery Medal
Dead End in Norvelt, Joey Pigza, Rotten Ralph

I caucused for Hillary Clinton in 2008 because I believed her to be the strongest candidate in the field.

I feel the same way today. Beyond her decades-long commitment to bettering the lives of women and children here and around the world, she is capable of standing on a global stage, understanding the complicated, nuanced realities of this planet, and knowing how to act and react to the daily struggles, not only of Americans, but world populations as well. She’s brilliant, dedicated, and deserving of the office of POTUS. And, hell yeah, it’s about time a woman got there.

Ellen Hopkins
Crank, Identical, Impulse, Burned, Fallout, Glass and many more.

I'm voting for Hillary because she knows the world scene, so vital in politics today.

I’m voting for Hillary because she understands Washington. And I’m voting for Hillary because the alternative is appalling.

Tamora Pierce
Recipient, 2013 ALA Margaret A. Edwards Award
Song of the Lioness, Protector of the Small, Tortall and Other Lands, Wild Magic, Terrier, Sandry’s Book & many more

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because she knows how to get things done--even in a hostile environment.

She knows how to forge coalitions. Internationally, she is known and respected by foreign leaders, and is level-headed and knowledgeable. Any alternative—especially Trump—is simply unthinkable to the health and well-being of the country, and the world.

Larry Dane Brimner
Cats!, Black & White, Strike!, Birmingham Sunday, The Rain Wizard, Being Different, Merry Christmas Old Armadillo, We Are One, & over one hundred and forty more.

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